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News and commentary on historic health bill vote


Needless to say, this morning brought extensive news and commentary on yesterday’s historic vote in the House of Representatives.

Stephen Huth, Aspen Publishers Health Reform Talk: Now it’s up to the Senate – details of needed legislative action and succinct breakdown of elements of the bill – responsibilities of employers and individuals, penalties and impacts on policy design.

Senate has long week ahead on health care. Washington Post

Senate is ready for looming health fight. Roll Call

GOP Senior Senators skeptical of blocking health reform bill. The Hill

For consumers, now clarity on health care changes. New York Times

Immediate (in next couple months) impact of passage of health reform bill. Kaiser Health News

Bill Kraus: Everyone lost in dealing with the health care crisis

Kimberley Strassel: Threats - and what they all got in exchange for their votes

Rep. Paul Ryan: The bill is a “fiscal Frankenstein.”
Rep. Patrick Kennedy: “Health care is not only a civil right, it’s a moral issue.” New York Times

Health care reform comes with a hefty co-pay for the nation. Christian Science Monitor

James Wigderson: Ryan is brilliant. Video of Ryan’s floor speech Sunday.

Robert Costa: Paul Ryan is not ready to give up on health care

Ross Douthat – Now we really will find out what’s in the bill

[Passing the bill] will shed light, as well, on all other promises that piled up as the health care vote drew near — that the bill, its implicit abortion subsidies notwithstanding, will actually reduce the abortion rate, as T.R. Reid argued last week in the Washington Post; that it will create 400,000 new jobs “almost immediately,” as Pelosi recently claimed; that it will become more popular once implemented, as every Democrat insists; and so on through an array of happy possibilities.

The same goes for all the things that liberals are sure won’t happen. We’ll find out if the bill makes premiums skyrocket. We’ll find out if it creates doctor shortages. We’ll find out if the array of new taxes destroys more jobs than the new spending creates. We’ll find out if the fiscally essential firewall between the new, heavily subsidized exchanges and the old, less-subsidized employer-based system holds up. And in the (only slightly) longer run, we’ll find out if tacking an entitlement to comprehensive health insurance atop a groaning systemspeeds America’s rendezvous with a bankrupt, Californian future.

Peter Suderman: Health reform passes, but at what (financial) cost? http://reason.com/blog/2010/03/21/health-care-reform-passes-but

National Review’s panel of health care experts: What now?

Washington Examiner: Democrats to America: Drop Dead

Chris Stirewalt: Either learn to love ObamaCare, or sue to stop it.

John Boehner: “We have failed to listen to America” (via Kevin Fischer)

Victor Davis Hanson: We’ve crossed the Rubicon

Obama, Dems are ready, this week, to campaign on their health care victory. New York Times

For some Democrats, the fight for the health care bill brought to mind the civil rights marches of the 60s. New York Times

Health reform bill is boon for drugmakers, hospitals. Outlook for insurers is less certain. Private insurance will be purchased for many, with taxpayer subsidies. New York Times

William Saunders: “Congress failed to deliver a statutory prohibition on abortion funding in health care reform, and an executive order cannot do the job.”

Paul Krugman: In the debate leading up to the victory for health care reform, President Obama urged lawmakers to do what is right, while opponents relied on fear and cynicism.

Jim Rowen: Dems voting on the bill – each is a leader. As for Republicans:

How long do you think it will take for media to find opponents coming to their senses and realizing that seniors will get live-saving prescription benefits?

Or that young people can remain on their parents’ health plans until age 26?

Or that cancellation of insurance during treatment, or denial of enrollment and coverage for pre-existing conditions, is over? This will unfold as did opposition to the stimulus bill, when naysayers in Congress also sought money for their districts, because the value of the stimulus was obvious and authentic.

David Frum: Hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the disaster for Republicans

Ribble, Priebus respond to passage of health care bill (via James Wigderson)

Doyle responds to passage of health care bill. Fox11
Jo Egelhoff, FoxPolitics.net

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