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#1 Governor Scott Walker

Obama uses the oil spill as a strategy to pass cap and tax

Oil Pollution Act trips up Brazile on ABC’s ‘This Week  - “Well,” Brazile said, “the administration has been constrained by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, which basically gives the responsible party the lead role PolitiFact

Obama’s Turn to Speak‎ - He also implicitly adopted the left wing talking point that this crisis is partially President Bush’s fault because President Obama inherited a MMS that Heritage.org (blog)

Who’s Liable for the Gulf Oil Spill? You Are.‎ - BP has repeatedly promised to pay all “legitimate claims” for loss and damage as a result of the Gulf oil spill, now vying for the title fourth biggest oil Reason Online -

Oil Spill Fallout Still Gushing‎ - Council on Foreign Relations
National Review: Beyond BP’s Publicity‎ - British Petroleum officially shortened its name to BP, unveiled its “Beyond Petroleum” motto, and ditched its iconic shield logo for a warm-and-fuzzy green NPR

Morning Bell: The Obama Energy Tax Game Plan‎ - After reading this “Morning Bell‘, it would not suprise me if BP did not blow up the rig and stall slowing the oil flow. I would not put anything past this Heritage.org (blog)

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