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Wisconsin News 3/5-#2

Welfare and Disability Social Security have become entitlements because people who receive them have grown so accostumed to them they feel entitled.  I would add Public Unions as the third.    Joyce
The ‘violence of faction’ in Wisconsin - Let’s all continue to root for and support Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker, who’s doing heroic work to make his capital worthy of the founder who provided the city its name.

Walker is fighting a battle against public union negotiating rights so entrenched that his opponents feel entitled to compare the governor to fascist dictators.  In fact, Walker is merely trying to neuter the bankrupting policy of collective bargaining foisted on his state by those intense interests comprising the type of  faction, that Madison believed could be best controlled through the establishment of a large republic. Madison wrote in the 3,000-word Federalist Paper No. 10, perhaps the most celebrated and most philosophical of the entire collection:

Among numerous advantages promised by a well constructed Union, none deserves to be more accurately developed than its tendency to break and control the violence of faction…. By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.

The public union’s “impulse of passion” has been laid bare for all to see.  The perks that they enjoy, clearly “adversed to the rights of other citizens” allowed them to walk away from their teaching duties while remaining fully paid.  During their sleeping bag fest, as they occupied the capital building, the other “interests in the community” were unable to send their children to school.  

These citizens probably had to spend inordinate sums on day care while they went to work earning 80% of the salaries commanded by the strikers, exclusive of lavish benefits. 

Such is the “violence of faction.”
So, Who Is Cleaning Up the Wisconsin Capitol After Union Protests? - Will this surprise you?  It’s the same people who when they have a rally leave the grounds spotless.  Read more…you might want to join them at 1:00 on Sunday: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/so-who-is-cleaning-up-the-wisconsin-capitol-after-union-protests/
Union Official: We’re Effective Because We Have Power - One of the hurdles to improving our nation’s public education system is that it is generally designed for the benefit of adults in the system, i.e. unionized teachers and administrators, rather the children. Negotiations between school boards and teachers’ unions focus on pay, benefits and specific work rules, rather than deciding the best or most innovative ways to educate the next generation.

But, don’t take our word for it; listen to a union official admitting as much. In a new ad from the Economic Freedom Alliance, former Counsel to the National Education Association rallies a union audience describing the secret to the union’s success: Power - Watch the Video - http://biggovernment.com/publius/2011/03/05/union-official-were-effective-because-we-have-power/

‘Waiting for Superman’ Exposes Human Cost of Collective Bargaining on America’s School Children - (Can be rented for $1 at Red Box) In the end, Guggenheim identifies two problems. The first is the conflicting agendas of federal, state and local authorities and the torturous bureaucracy they combine to create. The second is teachers unions that manipulate collective bargaining and politics to stifle reforms and protect blatantly incompetent members.

The latter problem puts progressives and other supporters of traditional public schools in an awful bind. Public schools, as inculcators of common values and a means to help children develop their minds and advance in society, are near and dear to their hearts. But then again so are unions, who supposedly are needed to protect teachers from the twin evils of politicized school boards and the ravages of the marketplace. There are links to other articles within the article…very eye opening - Read more: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/jjmnolte/2011/02/28/irrelevant-academy-awards-topical-waiting-for-superman-exposes-human-cost-of-collective-bargaining/

Collective Bargaining 101 - Our new video is a helpful primer on the rise government unions and the monopoly power given to them through collective bargaining. Along with our helpful factsheet on the subject, they form a powerful tool to combat misinformation and educate friends and family about what is at stake in Wisconsin. Read more: http://blog.heritage.org/2011/03/04/new-video-collective-bargaining-101/

Look for the union label - But now things are different in America. Over the years, some powerful unions, representing both public and private workers, have succeeded in gaining so many benefits that the entire U.S. economy has been damaged. Many states cannot pay health and pension benefits because the tax revenue is not nearly enough to cover expenses. Also, millions of jobs formerly held by Americans are now done by Chinese and Indian people because labor is so much cheaper in those countries.
Thus, we have economic warfare between the cost-cutters and the union folks who want to protect what they have.
The cold truth is that unions are on the way out. High tech means big changes in the workplace, and labor protections are not needed as much as they once were. What we are seeing in Wisconsin is the beginning of a new attitude toward the American worker. And there will be pain until we get things sorted out.  Read more: http://townhall.com/columnists/billoreilly/2011/03/05/look_for_the_union_label
Koch speaks out on prank call - “But I can say in general that I believe, as a businessman, I think that state budgets, municipal budgets and the federal budget should be balanced,” Koch told The Times. “They shouldn’t run massive deficits endlessly — that’s eventually going to bankrupt the municipalities, states or, God forbid, the federal government.” Click on a link in the article to take you to “Cancer Research Before Activism, Billionaire Conservative Donor Says” Read more: http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/117460933.html?page=2#comments
Atty. Jim Troupis and Vicki McKenna - Declaration of Contempt to 14 AWOL Democrats - “This is nothing to do with persuasion, it has everything to do with intimidation” “A minority is frustrating the majority” “this is not about the budget, it’s about trying to avoid a constitutional crisis” Listen to the radio broadcast…long but well worth listening to -http://www.newstalk1130.com/cc-common/mediaplayer/player.html?mps=roadhouse.php&mid=http://a1135.g.akamai.net/f/1135/30268/1h/cchannel.download.akamai.com/30268/1176/richmedia/AttorneyJimTroupis1.wma?CCOMRRMID=20923226&CPROG=RICHMEDIA&MARKET=MILWAUKEE-WI&NG_FORMAT=&NG_ID=&OR_NEWSFORMAT=&OWNER=1176&SERVER_NAME=www.newstalk1130.com&SITE_ID=1176&STATION_ID=WISN-AM&TRACK=

Wisconsin’s Teachers: Betraying Students, Robbing Taxpayers - American public-sector workers have become more loyal to their unions than to the state, just as Roman soldiers became loyal to generals instead of the Senate. It’s the corruption that comes, and always will come, when one class of citizens is given privileged access to the public purse. Read more: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/wisconsins-teachers-betraying-students-robbing-taxpayers/
Union negotiates emeratus pay for teachers in some school districts - The emeritus program gives one full year’s salary paid over three years. That is in addition to pension benefits. In return, the retiree provides 10 days of service to the district each year during that time. The emeritus program is something that has been negotiated into the teachers’ contract through collective bargaining. Read more:  http://www.fox11online.com/dpp/news/140-green-bay-teachers-looking-to-retire
Union fight sparks recall elections - In Wisconsin, committees have registered to target the eight Republican state senators eligible for recall this year, out of 19 Republicans in that chamber. State Democrats, liberal group MoveOn.org and the Service Employees International Union are raising money and soliciting help gathering signatures. Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10001424052748703580004576180533759152072-lMyQjAxMTAxMDAwNTEwNDUyWj.html
From Laura - I am emailing the democrats (and following up with letters or postcards) to ask them to come home!  If you do email, put in the Subject Line “Come back to WI”, otherwise, they just count it as a letter of support :(  http://legis.wisconsin.gov/w3asp/contact/legislatorslist.aspx?house=senate

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